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where supporting your friend with cancer is easy


In 2013, I founded LumpyCards because the encouraging, sarcastic and playful cancer cards I was looking for online didn't exist yet. So I started designing my own. I was working as an oncology nurse in Beverly Hills and my mom had just been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Since I administered chemotherapy to cancer patients five days a week at work, and was familiar with my mom's type of cancer and treatment, it felt good to be able to support her at her infusion appointments (that's me and my mom down there in the picture, during her infusion).

But she was really down most of the time, either from feeling sick from the chemo or just fearful from her diagnosis. I really wanted to make her laugh. When I searched for cancer greeting cards, all I found was either depressing sympathy cards or floofy poofy pink ribbon cards. I knew neither of those would uplift her or make her laugh.

My mom has a great sense of humor, and loves to laugh. Heck, it feels good to make the woman laugh, her cackle is wild and unfiltered. So I made it my goal to design cards to make her laugh. I shared a few of them with some of my cancer patients at the cancer center where I worked, and they unanimously encouraged me to sell them. And so LumpyCards was born!

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15 minutes of fame

A few years back, I got interviewed by a major TV show, The Real. I was exstatic to share with the world my cards and shirts, but more than anything, I was overjoyed that I could remind people to reach out to their friends and family who've been diagnosed with cancer. Cards and gifts don't mean anything at all if you're not regularly offering support and helping out, or at least calling if you live far.


"Those sappy sympathy cards that everyone gave me made me feel like I was already dead. Yours made me laugh, acknowledged the hurt, but still uplifted me."

- my mom

I think it's the greatest idea ever people need to laugh and enjoy life as its given to us. especially in times when we may feel scared and sad sometimes alone, a little laughter can Change everything.


How fun are these cards?! I went searching pinterest for cards to either purchase or replicate to send to a friend who's having a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. These cards were the best (and close to the only) option. Thank you, LumpyCards, for providing a much needed service!!! Cancer is a jerk but the cards don't all have to be sad.


Amazing service! Perfect quality! Lexi was so helpful to accommodate my special requests. Will be ordering lots more with Lumpy cards.

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